Yoga Federation of Russia

Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy and Yoga for Joint Pain Treatment: A Review


Author(s): Sunitha Ravi

Background: The synergies in principles of physiotherapy and yoga are discussed and documented in scientific studies. However, there are limited research studies about efficacy of yoga as complementary /adjunct therapy to physiotherapy, specifically the randomized control trials that enhance the clinical efficacy of the integrated approach. The aim of the study is to conduct an exploratory review of clinical trials and cohort studies for application yoga and physiotherapy as integrated therapy for joint treatments.
Methods: A search of electronic databases, from Jan 1985 up to Jan 2016 was conducted for relevant open access randomized control trials, cohort and pilot studies documented in English.
Results: Yoga as an exclusive intervention and as an integrated approach with Physiotherapy has found to enhance alignment, flexibility, mobility of joints, muscles and thus offers significant value to the non-pharmacological intervention in joint treatments.
Conclusions: There is potential for further clinical trials for integrated approaches of yoga and physiotherapy in joint injuries.